Children painting at Lighthouse Early Learning Academy.Learning & Curriculum

Children benefit from a diverse and balanced program that promotes all areas of development. Our programs allow for proper levels of physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.  To maintain our strong focus on education, our teachers are trained in early childhood development and all lesson plans are reviewed by our Curriculum Director.

Your child’s day is structured to allow for a variety of learning opportunities.  Yet we also provide flexible choices allowing children to make decisions about their activities, encouraging their independence and creative expression. Our program also includes wonderful opportunities for exploration through field trips or special educational visitors.


Literacy is a process that begins at birth. Becoming literate is about using language to make oneself understood and to understand others and the world. Language is the foundation of reading development. Your child’s teacher will be engaging your child in meaningful language and literacy experiences which support the development of communication skills.

Lighthouse curriculum includes programming such as Handwriting Without Tears and ZooPhonics. These programs are used by the community schools as well. Choosing Lighthouse allows your child the opportunity to be successful with these programs prior to starting Kindergarten!

Outdoor science discovery for a child.Math & Science

Math and science lessons help children make sense of the world around them and find meaning in the physical world. They learn to reason, to connect ideas and to think logically. Through mathematics children learn to understand their world in terms of numbers and shapes. Integrating math into all parts of the day increases their learning and shows children that math is part of everyday life.

Children have a natural curiosity and interest in science, which allows them to be active learners and to construct knowledge through experimentation, problem solving and play. It also allows children to make choices about what they explore and experience.

Lighthouse Early Learning Academy has formed a partnership with the Outdoor Discovery Center to offer science enrichment programming which includes the curriculum “Growing Up Wild” to help guide your child’s science experiences.

Active Learning

Play is an active form of learning, and children learn best when actively engaged.  The development of children’s abilities may suffer when much of their experience is through television, computers, electronic games, books, worksheets and media that require only two senses – sight and sound.  It is important to provide children with opportunities to learn through their other senses as well, including the senses of smell, touch and taste, and the sense of motion through space.

A child's hands holding a cross.Christian Curriculum

Lighthouse actively engages in sharing our Christian beliefs with our families and students. We offer curriculum for you to follow designed by Gospel Light.

Our goal is to help each child know that God loves and cares for us; that God sent Jesus to show His love for us, that God’s word helps us learn about the greatness and goodness of God and Jesus.

As they mature within our program, we hope to see this demonstrated through kindness, forgiveness, helpfulness, thankfulness and talking to God in prayer. We will also acknowledge and celebrate Christian holidays, such as Easter and Christmas.