Baby boy playing at Lighthouse Early Learning AcademyInfant

We take great pride in the quality of infant and toddler programming we offer here at Lighthouse Early Learning Academy. Your baby will develop and learn more in his first year of life than at any other point. Each moment is intentionally planned to ensure your baby will make the most of this important period of rapid cognitive, physical, and emotional growth.

Our teachers are trained specifically in infant/toddler development and prepare lesson plans each day to assure that your child has a full and engaging day. These plans will include activities in BabySigns, Infant Massage, literacy activities and much more. Each day you will receive a daily take home sheet that will summarize your child’s day, including; diapering, feeding and napping schedule and activities completed.

We understand that it is going to be difficult to leave your little one in someone else’s care. Our program is designed to make the transition between home and school smooth and enjoyable for the whole family. Individualized schedules, loving, nurturing primary caregivers who will create a bond with your baby, and soft, safe classrooms will ensure your infant’s days are as enriching as if he was with you! Lighthouse Early Learning Academy offers parents a unique way to stay connected with their little one by viewing classrooms through our webcams.

Girl doing puzzle at learning academy.Toddler

Your toddler is going to change from a baby to a preschooler in a short amount of time. They are gaining and asserting independence- through milestones such as first steps, first words, drinking out of a cup, and potty-training. Lighthouse Early Learning Academy will be your partner in supporting this growth.

Our passionate and energetic teachers will provide your toddler a consistent routine and schedule, filled with exploration and introduction to new experiences. Your toddler will be introduced to educational experiences through structured curriculum that includes ZooPhonics, Gospel Light, Baby Signs and Growing Up Wild. Regardless of your child’s developmental stage, each day will be filled with laughter, building self-sufficiency, books, and hands-on learning